Hampton Diamonds

Harper and August cruise down Ocean Blvd strip.
Car lights flash, clap, flash.
The two roll down their windows. Harper looks over briefly at August whose head hangs out the window.
Harper smiles. The first.
The honking riffraff bursts the sensual ocean whisper and salt breeze.
Indulge me.

Get. Some. Lotus. In. Your. Life.


When you arrive at the party drunk…

Monsieur (Xavier) DOLAN – Laurence Anyways – Suzanne Clement 

One of the best examples of filming an insanely staged scene, and it’s actually happening, but it dwells in the character’s head because maybe it’s not actually happening. None of this is real. You know when you look good and it’s a bunch of zero-fucks-given. It’s in your head no it’s not it is but no.

And some groovy eighties music– almost seventies. Is that Captain Smith? VISAGE – Fade to Grey


Who else blushes, smiles, and almost has to look away for Oliver’s glorious dance scene in Call Me by Your Name? But yet… don’t we all dance that way in our room blasting that one song?

Writing. Italy. Billowy. Swimming. Jogging. Shorts. Books. Love. Dance away Oliver and Elio.

Side note: who else absolutely loves this song and can’t help but think about The Wedding Singer?